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Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2000

Today is a momentous day for the Juneau Empire and our community as we officially launch our revamped and redesigned Web site, juneaualaska.com. We spent literally hundreds of hours building this site and the fruit of that labor is available now for all to see. It's an incredibly rich and deep site, and we hope you'll spend hours looking through it.

To help you learn all about the site, inside today's Empire you'll find an eight-page section detailing some of the highlights and how things work. Many of the features on this site have never been attempted before, and we hope you'll use the special section to familiarize yourself with some of the incredible programs.

We are continuing to expand and develop the site, and new features will appear in the future.

Make sure to check out Juneau Waves digital radio, a media-intensive program that has more than 15 different stations and styles of music to listen to while you surf the net. You can also get free Web-based e-mail with juneaualaska.com as part of the name; track legislative bills; get 360 degree views of some of Juneau's prettiest sites; watch Web cams; find businesses; read the newspaper; and check out what's going on in the community through our calendar.

The site was built by our own Web team, who did a fantastic job pulling everything together, and Morris Digital Works, our parent company's top-notch Web designers. This group has won national awards the last two years in a row for the best newspaper Web sites in their categories. This site could not have been built without their help and we're honored that Juneau was selected as the first to experience this new Web design format.

The purpose of this site, which is completely free, is twofold. First, our goal is to help our local businesses reach as many potential customers as possible throughout the world. The Internet has opened up doors to new markets that previously were cost-prohibitive. Therefore, this site is aimed at visitors and tourists coming to Juneau to help them better plan their vacations and entice them to spend time and money with our local businesses. We also hope the site will encourage potential vacationers to consider Juneau as a destination as they see all the wonderful things we have to offer.

Secondly, the site is designed for our readers and community. It's an incredibly interactive site with free e-mail, calendars and other planned programs to help residents stay informed and interact. For example, there's now an electronic bulletin board where residents can respond to questions of the week, specific issues, or bring up their own topics for discussion.

This is your site and we want to make it - literally - the best newspaper Web site in the country. Give us your ideas and suggestions, look through the site, interact with it and continue to watch for new items to be added. And Happy Surfing!!

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