What are we teaching our children?

Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2000

I am a grandmother and I know what it is like to love and loose a pet. I feel bad for the woman who lost her cat and suspects someone killed her cat.

What a bad example for our kids to learn - if you don't like something just kill it. I don't think that is right. We, as parents, need to teach our kids that it is wrong. When cats and other pets are causing a problem, don't take things into your own hands - try and find the owner or call the pound.

As a cat owner, parent and grandmother, I can relate to the lady on how difficult it can be to keep cats indoors 100 percent of the time when you have kids coming in and out.

How scary and cruel to think that some people are taking it upon themselves to eliminate the problem and not going to the source.

Sharon Lawrence Juneau

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