Downtown parking is for the birds

Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2000

As a resident of Juneau for more than 19 years, I am thoroughly disappointed with the management of the parking in the downtown area. The city runs quite the scam - build parking to fulfill the needs of about half of the downtown working population. Then stick a few little policemen in their little parking scooters to ticket people that are forced to park in half hour, or one hour, parking.

Why don't we just be a little more obvious about it? Maybe we could just knock out half of the State Office Building garage? Build a new mini police station in the middle of the Federal Building parking lot, and raise parking tickets to $50? Then we could take all of the funds from this new ``project'' and build some more tourist attractions. That's what we all want to spend all of our tax dollars on anyway, isn't it?

Let's just continue to improve the downtown area so that the tourists will keep piling in - that's what everybody wants, right? There's only one problem with the sorry way that our city is being run. Pretty soon the only people that will want to be here will be the tourists. Put some of our tax dollars to good use and make more parking areas for the residents. I think all of us in Juneau would appreciate it.

Andrew Soristo Juneau

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