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Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2000

Does anyone else have a problem with the 100-foot-wide-plus stream corridor policy of the CBJ? I feel that if I can't have a use of that portion of my property, why should I be paying the same tax for that part of the property as the rest of the property that I can build on or use? Is this a case of local government taking control of asset and then taking taxing me for that asset? How about valuing the stream corridors at a lower level?

Me and Go-Go Joe like it better on South Franklin Street before tourism.

I know its fun to cruise around when the weather's nice, but please slow down when you're in neighborhoods. Killing a kid could ruin your whole summer.

I support tourism for Juneau, but I don't think that flightseeing is tourism. It's just one aspect of the tourism industry. I support peace and quiet and tourism.

First we get front-page news on two girls and one's had a sex change to become a man. Now we get two women kissing. You could had done the story and left the picture out. Some of us do not care to see this.

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