Silver Fox sets pace in May Day Mud Run

But youth prevails as Henry wins race

Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2000

Hiram Henry is the first to admit he didn't control the pace in the 20th Annual May Day Mud (and Mountain) Run on Saturday.

Henry, 25, won the seven-mile run up Fish Creek Trail toward Eaglecrest Ski Area then back down the mountain and across the Gastineau Channel and back to the Fish Creek Parking Lot. But Henry said it was ``The Silver Fox,'' 61-year-old Glenn Frick, who controlled the race.

``I might have been faster, but he was smarter,'' Henry said. ``He made me feel like a naive little kid.

``He was running the race in control,'' added Henry, who ran in his shirt from the 2000 Antarctica Marathon. ``He was a sly old fox, tricking the other runners. He'd be up on the trail confusing people. He'd see them and he'd yell, `Oh, wrong trail,' then he'd stay on that trail. He played on our insecurities.

He pulled some shortcuts out there. He must have. There were a couple of times when I thought I had a good lead, then I'd look up and there he was.''

Henry, who was running in his first Mud Run, crossed the finish line in 1 hour, 4 minutes, 37 seconds to edge out 39-year-old Steven Schmitz, who posted a time of 1:04:41. Frick took third place in 1:05:43, followed by 50-year-old Andy Grossman in 1:08:29 and 57year-old Gerald Buckley in 1:11:43. Tara Jeans, 31, was the top female finisher in the sevenmile run, posting a time of 1:27:06 for 12th place overall.

``My dad used to say, `Old age and treachery will defeat youth and skill every time,''' said 41year-old Ron Flint, who took sixth place in 1:11:45.

After the race, Frick stood in a puddle, trying to wash the mud off his shoes. He admitted he tried to use some gamesmanship on the trail.

``I've got to have a couple of advantages,'' said Frick, a longtime Juneau running icon who was the first runner to reach both of the race's checkpoints. ``I can't run with these guys on the road. I can't run with them much on the trails.''

``Going up the trail I lost track of Glenn, and I thought I was ahead of him,'' Schmitz said. ``Then I looked up and I was just behind him. Glenn and I led down the road, and then Hiram caught us about Ninemile (Creek). Glenn beat us to the second checkpoint when Hiram and I went too far south trying to skirt the water and Glenn went through deeper water.''

Route-finding skills played a big part in Saturday's run, which was on a new course. In past years the runners in both the seven- and three-mile courses only crossed the Gastineau Channel once, but this year organizer Bob Deal set the course so runners in both races crossed it twice. The only stipulation Deal gave the runners was they had to hit two checkpoints and they couldn't run on the North Douglas Highway, but other than that they were free to pick their own course.

``As long as someone was in front of me I didn't get lost,'' Jeans said. ``There were lots of roots and lots of trees out there.''

The short course race was won by Brian Goettler, 40, a first-time Mud Run racer who finished the event with bloody scratches on his left calf and left elbow from a tumble on a rock near the finish.

Goettler posted a time of 33:36, with Allen Toms taking second place in 35:29 and Jim Ustasiewski third in 36:23. There was some hope for the younger set as 11year-old Owen Kelley took fourth place in 37:48. Jamie Bursell was the top female in 46:54, good for 11th overall, and Andrea Florendo was the next finisher in 48:26.

``I'd heard it was a lot of fun, and I figured I was good for three miles in the mud,'' Goettler said. ``I wasn't going to run it, but a friend of mine called me last night and said he'd run it with me. Then he was a no show. He chickened out.''

``I beat my dad,'' Kelley said. ``I got stuck in the mud a lot. It was fun.''


Results from Saturday's May Day Mud (and Mountain) Run at Fish Creek Parking Lot. The race featured two crossings of Gastineau Channel and had a three-mile and a seven-mile course.

Seven-mile race - 1. Hiram Henry, 1:04:37; 2. Steven Schmitz, 1:04:41; 3. Glenn Frick, 1:05:43; 4. Andy Grossman, 1:08:29; 5. Gerald Buckley, 1:11:43; 6. Ron Flint, 1:11:45; 7. P. Tom Moritz (Paul Meyer), 1:13:11; 8. Paul Dick, 1:19:04; 9. Brian Fadely, 1:19:05; 10. John Cooper, 1:23:53; 11. Keith Marshall, 1:26:00; 12. Tara Jeans (first female), 1:27:06; 13. Steph Thomas, 1:30:36; 14. Kim Rivera (second female), 1:30:39; 15. Amy Carroll (third female), 1:38:47; DNF: Lynne Johnson (fourth female).

Three-mile race - 1. Brian Goettler, 33:56; 2. Allen Toms, 35:29; 3. Jim Ustasiewski, 36:23; 4. Owen Kelley, 37:48; 5. Andy West, 38:33; 6. Donald Beard, 39:12; 7. Eric Carver, 39:31; 8. William Olmstead, 40:56; 9. T.J. Slagle, 41:47; 10. Tom Hall, 42:40; 11. Jamie Bursell (first female), 46:54; 12. Andrea Florendo (second female), 48:26; 13. Zack Travis, 48:31; 14. Mathew Mielke, 49:41; 15. Norman Vonda, 50:22; 16. Gabe Kelley, 50:35; 17. Mark Kelley, 50:38; 18. Jo Marshall (third female), 52:28; 19. Laura Wallrath (fourth female), 54:59; 20. Priscilla Goulding (fifth female), 54:59; 21. Isabel Hesson (sixth female), 1:04:55; 22. Randy Moore, 1:04:56; 23. Black Rockwell (Aronson), 1:06:13; 24. Bambi (Lund) (seventh female), 1:06:13; 25. Molly Trostell (eighth female), 1:09:29; 26. Rick Trostell, 1:09:29; 27. Lori Posey (ninth female), 1:10:11; 28. Renai Mielke (10th female), 1:10:33; 29. Morgan Hopson (11th female), 1:10:33; 30. Dawn Miller (12th female), 1:11:54; 31. Wayne LeBlanc, 1:11:54.

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