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Posted: Monday, May 07, 2001

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I was just called for a survey being conducted by the McDowell group regarding Juneau's waterfront. One question was whether there should be more flightseeing activity on the waterfront, another was whether we should build another cruise ship dock to address growing demand. I would like to publicly record my answer to both questions. A resounding No!

Judy Crondahl

In response to Ms. Ferguson Craig's comments in the Empire on April 29, she needs to recognize I think that there's some options that will really make the skies safer in Juneau. One of them is the elimination of the habitat that attracts the birds. That includes filling and defoliation. The final thing that will truly eliminate them is killing them. There has to be some recognition that, no, hazing doesn't necessarily accomplish the purpose, but the other alternatives aren't too pleasant.

Dan Anderson

The trash can at the Kmart bus stop has been removed and there are cans and paper all over the area. It's time for the city to remove the bus stop.

Shirley Coulson

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