School District, some employees settle with one-year contracts

Funding will come from money the district has in reserve

Posted: Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The Juneau School District has agreed to one-year contracts with its support staff, principals and nonunion central office employees.

The contracts increase the district's payments for health insurance, and they allow eligible employees to move up a step on the salary schedule for additional experience.

"We're very pleased," said Juneau Education Support Staff President Chris Blust after the School Board approved the contract Tuesday night.

School Board President Chuck Cohen said the contracts would be funded from money the district has in reserve, and which it had included in next school year's budget in anticipation of increased health insurance costs and movement on the salary schedule.

The 285-member support staff union includes nurses, computer technicians, instructional and special education assistants, administrative assistants, clerks and custodians.

Under the new contract, which begins July 1, the district will increase its per-person monthly payment for health insurance from $550 to $635, so workers won't have any out-of-pocket expense under higher insurance rates.

The district and union also agreed to implement a reclassification of jobs that pays some workers more. But workers who move to a lower range won't be paid less.

The district said the contract would cost about $522,000.

The School Board also approved a one-year contract for principals, assistant principals and some central office administrators. The contract with the Juneau School Administrative Association increases the district's payments for health insurance, but members have some out-of-pocket expenses. And it allows eligible employees to move up the salary schedule for an additional year of experience. The new terms will cost about $75,000, the district said.

The district came to a similar one-year agreement with 11 nonunionized employees, such as some central office administrators as well as administrative assistants who work with confidential information. The cost of the new contract was not immediately available.

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