Sales tax is unfair fix

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 07, 2004

Kudos to John Mielke for his "My Turn" article of April 28, 2004. He has stated the current fiscal gap problem quite accurately. I further concur with his analysis of a statewide sales tax. Neither Anchorage nor Fairbanks has ever imposed a local sales tax as they have had enough political clout to get monies directly from the Legislature for projects they have wanted, whereas Juneau and other smaller communities, lacking that political clout, have resorted to enacting local sales taxes to fund needed projects.

To lay a state sales tax on top of the local sales taxes for these communities is ludicrous.

Perhaps if Gov. Murkowski were to admit that he was wrong in advocating a state sales tax and that instead he would endorse a personal income tax, most of the fiscal problems would disappear and it wouldn't be necessary to continue sniping away at various programs.

Clifford Berg


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