The road is the inconvenience

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let me get this straight. The whole point of building a road to Juneau is so travelers won't be "inconvenienced" by the ferry. But with the state's latest quarter-of-a-billion-dollar proposal, travelers will still have to take a ferry to reach the capital. Not to mention it will actually take longer to reach Juneau with the state's complicated road-shuttle ferry plan than it would hopping on the fast ferry. Or that this insanity will cost the state more in the long run than improving the existing ferry system and be less safe.

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How can the governor promote this ridiculous plan with a straight face? Worse, how can state legislators go along with this shameful boondoggle? Alaska doesn't have more pressing needs? Who voted for these people?

Paul Barnes


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