Outsiders: Cherith Whiteman

Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2006

Age: 26

Favorite outdoor activity: Snowboarding.

Second-favorite outdoor activity: Hiking.

"I will take any chance I can to go outside and hike or snowboard," Whiteman said. "I want to keep that in life and never get caught up too much that I do not enjoy nature."

Training: Whiteman runs up hills and lift weights. She likes to run up to the Mount Roberts Tram from downtown.

Favorite place: Whiteman likes the Eaglecrest Ski Area. Among her favorite spots is Mount Stewart, which she ascended with snowshoes this February.

"I will never forget reaching the top and seeing the big blue sky," Whiteman said.

Work: Whiteman is a bartender at the Hangar on the Wharf, and bartender and operations manager at the Twisted Fish during the tourist season.

Challenges: Finding the time to get outdoors.

"Being outside grounds me and reaffirms life," Whiteman said. "I must have that opportunity in my life."

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Danger: Whiteman was hiking the West Coast Trail outside Vancouver, British Columbia, when a torrential storm hit.

"We were exposed to the elements and the standing water was unbelievable from a massive storm," Whiteman said. "We had our packs over our heads and had to cross the river when it came out into the ocean."

• Outsiders is a weekly profile in the Juneau Empire's Outdoors section.

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