Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bills signed last week:

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• Child protection: HB 408 requires health practitioners to report infants affected by alcohol or drugs, protects the Permanent Fund Dividends of children who are in custody, among other measures.

• Date rape drugs: HB 379 adds GHB, also known as "liquid ecstasy," to the state's list of controlled substances..

• Alcohol: SB 210 allows the seizure of alcohol that has been illegally imported or sold in dry communities.

Bills voted on last week:

• Methamphetamine and marijuana (passed House): HB 149 limits access to the ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine and criminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Vote - Ayes: 24; Nays 14; Excused 2

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Nay

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Aye

• Capital budget (passed Senate): SB 231 provides $628 million from the state general fund to pay for projects around the state.

Vote - Ayes: 20; Nays: 0

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Aye

• Eminent domain (passed Senate): HB 318 makes it illegal for a person's private property to be taken and transferred to someone else for economic development, or for a primary residence to be taken for recreational use.

Vote - Ayes: 20; Nays: 0

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Aye

• School bonds (passed House): HB 13 reimburses communities for school construction bonds at rates of 70 percent for projects approved by the state Department of Education and 60 percent for projects that have not received state approval.

Vote - Ayes: 38; Nays 2

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Aye

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Aye

• New judges (passed House): SB 237 will add six new Superior Court judges in Anchorage, Palmer, Kenai and Fairbanks and provide a 30 percent pay hike for all state judges.

Vote - Ayes: 35; Nays: 4; Excused:

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Aye

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Nay

• Self-defense (passed House): SB 200 expands the rights of Alaskans to use deadly force to protect themselves when innocent lives are threatened or children are being kidnapped.

Vote - Ayes: 33; Nays: 0; Excused: 1: Absent: 6

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Aye

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Absent

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