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Posted: Monday, May 08, 2000

Thank you to all the people who participate each year in the blessing of the fleet. What a wonderful way to remember and recognize our fishermen neighbors both past and present. Saturday's ceremony was very moving.

This regulation of tourism vs. pro-tourism at any cost is a bit out of hand. No one wants to close down tourism, not one person has even suggested such a ridiculous notion. But a growing industry needs regulation. There will still be plenty of opportunities for businesses to flourish and the cruise ships will keep on coming. Let's not sell ourselves out and forfeit what is best for the community. Let the people vote on the issues instead of letting a handful of business people and elected officials speak for the masses.

I am pro-tourism but I'm also for regulation of tourism. I don't feel like I can stand up and state my views because of the pro-tourism and flightseeing operators. I am intimidated by the angry, mean-spirited and derogatory remarks that these groups are making. I've lived in Juneau for 27 years and I'm saddened at the direction this town is taking. There was a time we worked together and now I see tourism tearing us apart. Let's work together and think about what we are saying to each other.

The people who are trying to paint the flightseeing initiative as an all-or-nothing proposition are misrepresenting the point. One should not be labeled anti-tourist simply because they express the desire to have one day a week without helicopter or fixed-wing tourist flights. Many of us in Juneau recognize the value of this industry and would like to co-exist without being run over.

Why aren't the helicopter tours operating their business during the same time constraints that construction crews work? They should be under the same restrictions as other businesses in Juneau.

I'm infuriated with the tourism industry's snide, arrogant attack on the flightseeing initiative. Clearly, they learned nothing from our vote on the head tax. Let's vote them another lesson, shall we?

Thanks to Chris Garrison's insensitive photograph and caption that ran as an advertisement in the Empire, I'm going to vote for the Peace and Quiet Coalition.

Thank you Goldbelt for the free tram ride and Juneau Appreciation Day.

I know everybody enjoys the radio in their cars and loves the volume. But the noises from the boom boxes blaring at night are a problem. It would be nice if people would learn to control their music after 10 p.m. when they pull into a residential neighborhood.

Congratulations to the U.S. Forest Service. This makes four years in a row that the Mendenhall Lake Campground is closed to the public due to construction.

I'm afraid the My Turn in yesterday's Empire is a bit misinformed. The permit the airport possesses is to kill birds. In previous years, they have killed hundreds of birds of all species. The sound cannon is far more humane method of dealing with the situation.

Oh, what a rare treat. Perseverance Theatre does yet another production exploring the alternative lifestyle. Are they deliberately trying not to appeal to the mainstream public?

To the people that can't resist speeding on Fifth Street in Douglas - the speed limit is 20 mph and kids are playing on this street. Where are you going anyway? This is not a major thoroughfare - slow down.

Why is the teacher profile buried in the Channels section? Maybe teachers should have their own section in the paper.

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