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Posted: Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Title and firm: Wood-carver Jamie Daniels, 27, is the sole proprietor of Crazy Carver. Daniels has been carving full-time on his own for about five years, he said. He is best known for his miniature totem poles and canoe paddles, but expects to branch out into silver bracelets and pendants.

Services: "I do a lot of totemic designs rattles, paddles, war clubs, totems, panels, plaques and model canoes. All my stuff is one-of-a-kind; I never do the same design twice," Daniels said.

His materials include yellow cedar, red cedar and alder. He gets his wood from Hoonah and Angoon, cutting some of his own alder. So far he has created only 2-foot totems, but plans to create a 10-footer this summer. Some of his work is inlaid with abalone shell in the traditional manner.

Outlets that carry his work include Midnight Sun Gifts, The Raven's Journey and the shops at the top of the Mount Roberts Tram. A cousin is trying to arrange representation for him with a gallery in Portland, Ore. "I'm crossing my fingers," he said.

Background: Daniels was born in Multnoma County, Ore., and grew up in Angoon on Admiralty Island, about 55 miles south of Juneau. He is a descendant of the Tlingit clan house Shdeen Hit (Steel House). He graduated from Angoon High School in 1993. He studied carving with Ross Sheakley and Douglas "Kevin" Chilton of Juneau.

"I look at a lot of (Pacific Northwest art) books. I try to get as much information as I can about the old Angoon style of carving, like the style used for the Beaver Screen at Tucca Hit (Backend House) and on ivory charms, and then try to incorporate those designs into my own style," Daniels said.

"I make my own handles for tools, to fit my hand, but the blades I get from Kestral (a company in Washington state) or from Dave Mirable downtown," he said.

His long-term plans include moving back to Angoon and teaching carving there.

Contact information: Call Daniels at his shop, 790-3523. He is available for commissions on carvings of all dimensions.

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