Measure would ban personal watercraft
I object when a small, elitist group makes decisions that will ultimately effect everyone in our community. This might happen at tonight's Assembly meeting.

Not the bags' fault; litterers are problem
I appreciated Graham G. Storey's arguments against the 15-cent bag tax (April 27 Juneau Empire). The problem with plastic shopping bags is not the bags themselves but the litterers, and isn't littering in general a problem?

How about asking a different question?
After the initial hearing on Senate Bill 118, the Juneau Empire published a couple of letters regarding the "idiocy" of the bill.

Get serious about affordable housing
I want to thank the dozens of people who called and e-mailed me about the letter I wrote about affordable housing (April 6).

Let's keep Rep. Don Young in office
Rebecca Braun has come out of hibernation to express her liberal views (May 1 Juneau Empire).

Police & Fire
Reports from police, fire officials and state troopers:

Photo: 'George Rogers Appreciation Day'
George Rogers, seated, talks with Dave Hunsaker during Rogers' 90th birthday party Saturday at the Cathedral Parish Hall.

Ships in port today

Shopping center slaying: Defense claims man's arrest 'illegal'
When police searched the hills behind Fred Meyer following the shooting death of Simone Yung Kim in 2006, they found a man in a black jacket.

Around Town

Photo: Another face in the crowd
Sandra Galeana shows off her love for "Star Wars" on Sunday during the University of Alaska Southeast's 36th Commencement Ceremony at the Gamble-Sperl Recreation Center.

Ships in port today
Oosterdam, 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m.

Photo: First visitors of the season
Passengers from the Vision of the Seas line up for tours Sunday, the first day of the cruise ship season, in front of the Mount Roberts Tramway.

Police & Fire
Reports from police, fire officials and state troopers:

Around Town

Navy officer pleads guilty in abuse case
A U.S. Navy commander stationed in Juneau is headed for prison after pleading guilty to attempted sexual abuse of a minor.

Shopping center slaying: Judge rules that Coday was legally arrested
A judge on Monday denied defense claims that Jason Coday was illegally arrested after the slaying of Simone Kim in 2006.

Who we Are: Angler gains mystique after winning salmon derby
Longtime king salmon fisherman Buddy Soriano looked over the rocks and into the waters of False Outer Point on Friday as an angler approached him.

Motorized boats to stay on lake
Following three hours of public testimony Monday, the Juneau Assembly voted against restricting motorized boat use Sundays and Mondays on Auke Lake.


Edna S. Ettinger
Former Juneau resident Edna S. Ettinger (Nauska) died April 27, 2007, in Juneau. She was 33.

Alaska editorial: Subsistence priority shouldn't be based on Alaska ZIP codes
One of the great weaknesses of the subsistence rules laid out in Title VIII of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act is the idea of a "rural" subsistence priority.

Alaska editorial: Passing feel-good laws makes no sense
There seemingly is a stampede to fix the law whenever a particularly shocking or heinous crime is committed, even if the new, improved law seems somehow superfluous.

My Turn: Article misses the point of snowmobile meeting
Brittany Retherford has written some great articles in the past for the Juneau Empire, but she totally missed the point of the snowmobile meeting on May 1.

Alaska editorial: Young should answer questions about aide
The scandal at Rep. Don Young's House Transportation Committee has crept closer to his feet, but he continues to stonewall questions about his role in it.

Outside editorial: Remebering a man who reached for the skies
Back when space exploration was still a breathtakingly thrilling endeavor in the popular mind and America's astronauts were the most valorous of public heroes - back, we mean, before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and we all got blase about these things...

Stick with the facts
A reader supplied us this cynical lead: "It appears we have appointed our worst generals to command forces, and our most gifted and brilliant to edit newspapers," Robert E. Lee, 1863.

My Turn: Thwarted by eagles
It's been nearly three decades since a dinky little sawmill in a dinky little town was forced out of business, taking with it most of the town's jobs.

My Turn: Marriage is under attack
People of Alaska are being deceived by the homosexual's family benefits claims. The entire issue of family benefits is in fact a strategy designed to reverse or render mute the amendment we voted into the Alaska Constitution protecting the institution of marriage.

Lawmakers OK retirement help for cities
The state Senate has passed legislation to help municipalities and school districts pay their retirement costs while assigning the burden of tackling a multibillion dollar unfunded liability in the retirement system to the state.

Northwest Digest
Palin calls indictments 'a sad day for Alaska', Trooper arrested on sexual assault charge, Mount Rainier park reopens after floods & Greens take new poke at public-lands grazing

State falls short of kills in wolf control program
The state is far from meeting its goal in its aerial wolf-kill program that ended April 30.

Senate Finance Committee may review ethics bill today
The Legislature took another step toward sweeping ethics reform on Monday when the Senate Judiciary Committee approved an amended version of the House's bill.

Indicted Wasilla legislator loses chairmanship
The Alaska House of Representatives on Monday removed Rep. Vic Kohring, R-Wasilla, from his chairmanship of the Special Committee on Oil and Gas, which he has held since 2003.

Alaska House fails to move same-sex benefits amendment
The Alaska House on Monday failed to pass a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow voters the chance to deny court-ordered benefits for same-sex partners of public employees.

Postal changes worry residents of tiny village near Denali park
A retired postmaster and a soon to be retired post office building in Lake Minchumina have led the United States Postal Service to re-examine mail operations in the tiny village near Denali National Park and Preserve.

VECO papers suggest more to come
The complaints against two top executives of politically powerful VECO Corp., who pleaded guilty to felonies Monday, suggest that further charges may be filed against unidentified public officials.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Alaska Digest
Communities would share in revenues under Senate bill, SAIL office closes to help with Twin Lakes playground, SEARHC vice president honored by American Hospital Association & Shotgun slug fired through wall injures Anchorage woman

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Photo: House discussion
Rep. Mark Neuman, R-Wasilla, center, holds a copy of an amendment to House Bill 111, a measure to decrease the cost of a business license...

Tour operators sue state over ship initiative
A group of Alaska tour operators have filed suit against the state of Alaska claiming a provision in the cruise ship initiative passed by voters last year violates their rights.

VECO execs plead guilty to bribery
Two top officers of an oil services company pleaded guilty Monday to bribing Alaska lawmakers with cash and the promise of jobs, contracts and favors for their backing on bills supported by the multinational firm.

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