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Posted: Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rebecca Braun has come out of hibernation to express her liberal views (May 1 Juneau Empire).

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Even though Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, has rarely carried the Juneau area in an election this hasn't stopped him from securing millions of dollars for Juneau over the decades. Remember pork is only if the other congressman got more for his district. Seniority does count and little-populated Alaska has done well to have Young, Sen. Ted Stevens and now Sen. Lisa Murkowski building up seniority.

Alaska Democrats never learn their lessons. Alaskans are not going to vote for Massachusetts-type liberals. Alaskans want the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge developed, logging roads built, more oil fields opened, as well as more mining and mineral development. The Democrats flunk all of the above.

Just think, in 1959 you could put Alaska Republicans in a telephone booth. Democrats have themselves to blame for their declining power in the state. Keep nominating anti-Alaska candidates such as Carter, Clinton, Gore, Kerry and probably Hillary Clinton next year, and Republicans have nothing to fear.

If the candidates mentioned above were in power there would be no Alaska oil industry. Get that? The only power Alaska Democrats have is casting a few votes at their next convention for an anti-Alaska presidential candidate.

Ralph Swap


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