My Turn: Marriage is under attack

Partnership benefits a ploy to destroy marriage amendment

Posted: Tuesday, May 08, 2007

People of Alaska are being deceived by the homosexual's family benefits claims. The entire issue of family benefits is in fact a strategy designed to reverse or render mute the amendment we voted into the Alaska Constitution protecting the institution of marriage.

Recent legislation passed in Washington state concerning partnership benefits was an eye-opener. Visit,4670,DomesticPartnerships,00.html for more details.

This legislation came about through the same hype homosexuals are now using in Alaska. "We're being disenfranchised." "It is prejudice." "Same work for same benefits." "Family benefits are for everyone."

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In Washington, the legislators who sponsored this legislation stated why they did it. It was about overturning or nullifying the amendment to the Washington constitution to define marriage as between a man and women.

Washington successfully voted (as we did) to amend its constitution to stipulate "marriage to be between a man and woman." But homosexuals, in the heat of the moment after "winning the war," stepped into the limelight and blurted out what their true intent was. By standing up and declaring victory before the cameras they revealed their deception. But they had not won the war, they won a battle. Instead of concealing their deception, they announced their true motive: They hope to destroy the marriage amendment.

Alaska legislators on both sides are doing their level best to contain an out-of-control judicial system from judicial activism. By giving the people of Alaska a fair and free vote by all Alaskan's on this issue they were upholding the separation of powers that keep this nation from totalitarian rule. Anyone who believes that a vote is not in their best interest is defining their preference to a dictatorship, wherein a few rule the many.

This is what has been at the forefront of this issue from the beginning, a minority of people telling the majority that they wish to control them. Anyone who reads the Fox News article and says they do not see the same deception in Alaska to overthrow the marriage amendment would have to be placed with these deceivers, who will say anything to destroy the marriage amendment or make it mute at any cost.

Attempts to force Alaskan's into submission through the courts will come back to haunt them when this comes to a vote. I liken it more to closing a loophole. In every election it's the people who actually vote who win/lose elections. The Division of Elections retains the voting regulations; a 7 percent victory is not contestable. The people who won expect the vote to be placed on the ballot.

Support our legislators. Don't be deceived. The vote against so-called partnership benefits is to defend and strengthen the marriage amendment that is under attack.

• Michael P. Shakespeare is a Juneau resident.

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