Juneau student featured on fine arts camp poster

Posted: Friday, May 08, 2009

When Chloey Cavanaugh was asked to paint "what she felt" at last summer's Sitka Fine Arts Camp, she had no idea the painting would be published. But out of the cool shades of acrylic paint came a work of art so intriguing that it is now featured as the backdrop on the 34th Annual Sitka Fine Arts poster - an annual marketing publication that circulates around Alaska and beyond to a mailing list of approximately 1,500.

Courtesy Of Chloey Cavanaugh
Courtesy Of Chloey Cavanaugh

Roger Schmidt, executive director of the camp, said Cavanaugh's piece was chosen out of 460 students who attended the 2008 camp.

"Every year the poster art is selected from students at the camp," he said. "We just thought it was really beautiful."

Now a seventh grader at Floyd Dryden Middle School, Cavanaugh created the piece in an abstract art class.

She said it was her teacher that kept pushing her to add to the painting.

"When I'd think I was done, she'd always tell me to add something," Cavanaugh said.

What resulted was a multicolored mix of green and blue, with an accent of black.

Of course, Cavanaugh and her family were overjoyed with the news of her selection.

"I was really excited when I found out." she said. "My grandma got, like 20 copies (of the poster)."

But painting isn't her only artistic discipline.

Cavanaugh said she also likes to write and will be pursuing photography at this summer's fine arts camp.

"I'm excited to try some new classes. I'm gonna do more photography classes and some more writing classes."

But beyond the art, Cavanaugh says this summer she is most excited to "meet new friends."

The Sitka Fine Arts Camp is a nationally acclaimed and award-winning program. In 2008 it received the "Coming Up Taller Award" presented by former First Lady Laura Bush at the White House in Washington, D.C.

For more information visit www.fineartscamp.org.

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