Former Juneau resident Tollefson releases new CD

Posted: Friday, May 08, 2009

Former Juneau boy Eric Tollefson, 25, recently released his first official CD, "The Sum of Parts," in Bend, Ore. The CD, a nine-track album he has worked on for the last two years, is available locally at Mendenhall Auto Center or online at

Tollefson, who began playing guitar at age 8 and writing music at age 18, said he grew up in a musical family, his father playing guitar and his mom singing Patsy Cline songs.

"Music is my lifeblood. It always has been," he said in an interview with The Bend Bulletin. "I just listened to really great artists growing up (and) great songwriters. Clapton. The Doors. The Who. Zeppelin. It's been ingrained in me."

According to Tollefson, his growth as an artist and turbulence of life gave his CD its name.

"Some of these songs really dig down into some stuff that's gone on, and I guess I kinda consider anybody (to be) the sum of their experiences," he said in the Bulletin. "This is just that: the sum of parts. It's just little pieces of my life in there."

Currently, Tollefson plays in Bend with a four-person band, the Bond Brothers. He hopes to return to Juneau this August to host a concert at Centennial Hall.

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