Egan Drive gets new blacktop

Paving to extend from Norway Point to Mendenhall Loop Road

Posted: Tuesday, May 09, 2000

This summer, Egan Drive's going to get a makeover.

The state Department of Transportation will begin repaving Juneau's most traveled road about mid-July. Along with adding a couple of inches of pavement, three intersections will be altered, according to DOT's Pat Kemp, a pre-construction engineer.

Usually, Egan gets a new surface every six or seven years, Kemp said. This time, the work is being done earlier so ruts in the road won't have to be smoothed out first.

``We're hoping it will only take a month,'' Kemp said. ``That depends on the weather.''

The new surface will be added from Norway Point - near the Juneau Yacht Club - to the intersection with Mendenhall Loop Road.

Underneath the umbrella of the bigger project, three intersections will get extra attention, all near the Salmon Creek intersection.

At 2.5 mile, on the downtown side of the retaining walls, the intersection of Glacier Highway and the outbound side of Egan will be altered. Egan will be widened to include a deceleration lane and an acceleration lane for Mendenhall Valley-bound traffic turning right at the stop sign on Glacier Highway, Kemp said.

A similar intersection nearby, which downtown-bound traffic uses when leaving the area near the Douglas Island Pink and Chum hatchery, will be closed off completely.

To make up for the loss of the exit, Kemp said, a new acceleration lane - similar to the one in front of Fred Meyer - will be put in for cars heading downtown from the Salmon Creek intersection.

``Everything in Channel Drive would go through the signals,'' he said.

In both cases, he said, the idea is to reduce the incidence of slow-moving cars pulling out in front of fast-flowing traffic.

DOT is taking comments on social, economic and environmental impacts of the work. Comments can be sent to Environmental Coordinator Kathryn Swaggart at DOT, 6860 Glacier Highway, Juneau, 99801-7999. For more information, Swaggart can be reached at 465-4499.

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