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Posted: Tuesday, May 09, 2000

I eat lunch every day in the Marine Park area. Recently, the harbor department put out brand new benches. I am appalled that the skateboarders used these benches as ramps and now the new benches are destroyed. Completely destroyed.

The assembly and harbormasters should get off their duff and abate this situation with the skateboarders in Marine Park. Within four days, they completely destroyed city property by using new benches for skateboard jumps.

Parents, do you know what your kids destroyed lately? The skateboard situation is ridiculous at Marine Park. Now, they are destroying city property by skating on benches. We built them their own park - they should not be allowed in the Marine Park area or on the dock.

I'm curious as to when did the Capital get a liquor license? Every time I've been to the Capitol this session, I've seen Legislators and staff consuming on the clock. I work late nights too. But if I had a beer on a break I would be fired so fast my head would spin. More tax dollars at work.

With the new police station opening, I would like to see how much money was really recovered and who got it?

If the Juneau Police Department came in under budget for the new station, that money belongs to the citizens of Juneau who paid for it. Not for balloons, cookies, cakes and the transportation and hotel costs for five former police chiefs. That money is ours. Isn't there a better use for that money?

The excess money from the police station should be use to equip a weight room in that building. Then, officers could work out in that facility.

The Peace and Quiet Coalition should get a life and give us some peace and quiet.

The Peace and Quiet Coalition, or the gang of five, are totally off the mark. And yeah, it gets heated when people are trying to protect their livelihood.

I have to agree with my son that Chris Garrison's advertisement is pretty stupid. If you want to appeal to Juneauites to accept thousands of more tourists and more noise, a picture of two drunks and a piano is not very convincing. Where do I sign the Peace and Quiet Coalition petition?

I have always thought of myself as pro-tourism. But lately, the tourist industry's reaction to the idea of some sort of regulation has started to push me toward the other side.

Has anyone overplanted a garden? Humanity is simply an overplanted garden. Juneau, in general, and the flightseeing abuse are symptoms of the malady. The rich get richer and poor get poorer.

The Destination Juneau group seems to shoot themselves in the foot every time they open their mouths. Keep up the good work.

We have lived Juneau for 25 years and I have always thought that helicopters and floatplanes were part of the Alaska mystique. However, there is nothing mysterious about having a helicopter fly over your house on the average of every three minutes for 10 hours a day for four of five months. I intend to sign the initiative and vote for it.

Why do people have a hard time with homosexuals in this community? They have not done anything to anyone. Leave them alone and let them just be. They mean no harm and do no harm. What's the big deal?

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