Second-hand smoke

Posted: Wednesday, May 09, 2001

I know a student at school who suffers from asthma. Whenever we go somewhere we have to make sure that the building is smoke-free because even the slightest scent of smoke may trigger an asthma attack, hospitalization and even death! Even though the cigarette companies say smoking is not dangerous, it kills thousand of people each year suffering from some form of horrible cancer. Each of these people experienced some form of smoke in their lives.

I don't understand why Anchorage is smoke-free when they are a bigger city and Juneau's not. We are here today to inform you of the danger of second-hand smoke. I believe that all businesses in Juneau should be smoke-free, even the bars. What example are we giving the rest of the state when we aren't even smoke-free? Those nicotine-craved people that smoke need to know that the smoke that they expel from their lungs is more dangerous to the people around them than it is to themselves. Did you know that 6,200 children die each year because of second-hand smoke in homes and public places? More children and young people are killed or seriously hurt by their parents who smoke than all other unintentional injuries combined! Smoking is a choice and a choice that the people of Juneau should really think about. By saying "no" to nicotine we are preserving the future. Respect my choice and choose not to smoke.

Dyle Hein and Morgan Goodrich


Ashley Johnson, Emily White, Anadel Piol, Dani Clark, Alyssa Mikesell, Jacob Loverink, Trew Tanz and Matt Heckler wrote similar letters.

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