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Posted: Wednesday, May 09, 2001

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I just picked up a copy of the new Juneau Guide 2001. I always enjoy looking at it and I thought it was really well done until I got to a page where there's an advertisement that's just not appropriate and I'm really surprised that you published it.

Jeanine Salustri

I'm in charge Gastineau Little League concessions. On May 2, we had a break-in at the Melvin Park Snack Shed. Easily $500 worth of merchandise was stolen and $500 worth of damage was done to the door. There's a $50 reward for names of people linked to the theft. Please call 789-6142. Parents where are your children in the wee hours of the night?

Nancy Massey

Just when we were beginning to think the cruise industry might really be serious about controlling pollution industry shield Eldon Mulder introduces new legislation while asserting the fact that his wife lobbies for the cruise ship association is irrelevant. The stench emanating from the Legislature now rivals that of effluents discharged by cruise ships which ply Alaskan waters.

David Ottoson

Thanks to KINY and the local sponsors for putting the JDHS baseball games on the air. It's important to support our youth and I just wanted to say thanks.

Lynn Bartlett

I am very, very concerned about the recent disappearance of three cats near Seventh Street in downtown Juneau. Most of us recall other horrific animal cruelty acts committed in this town: The dynamited cat at Evergreen Bowl and the mutilated dog at Montana Creek. It is well known that juvenile incidents of cruelty toward animals are a precursor of criminal behavior as adults. As a community we cannot afford to be complacent about the suspicious disappearance of these cats. I encourage parents to begin a dialog on this subject with their children. Kids talk and someone out there knows something.

Kristine Harder

Juneau needs to do something about the terribly high illiteracy rate. It seems that nobody on Egan Drive understands the meaning of "slower traffic keep right."

Atam Gits

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