Biography of 'Mama Minnie' shows how love can change lives
A child of the Irish potato famine, Minnie Field began to earn her keep at an early age as a domestic in Belfast.

Simpson's e-mails were desperate political move
Now that the Paulette Simpson defense letters have tapered off, here is another perspective.

The real freedom is life
When it comes to abortion, whose purpose entails consciously and voluntarily terminating, a pregnancy, one must consider what is at stake.

Abortion exploits women and children
In response to the letters entitled, "Men dominate anti-abortion groups" and, "Keep men out of abortion issues" (April 30th Empire), I would like to say that it is my experience that women comprise the majority of the anti-abortion movement.

Abortion isn't society's business; it's private
I recently attended the March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C. with 13 of my peers from the University of Montana.

State shouldn't say who can marry
Some people say that gay "marriage" denigrates the institution of marriage (I'm not certain just how) and others say that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to all the benefits that are extended to straight couples.

Stable state spending crucial to Juneau
The Legislature is closer than ever before in agreeing to take a fiscal plan to Alaska voters.

Question of life is central to the abortion debate
There have been several letters recently supporting of the continued legalization of abortion.

Bikers want motorists to watch out for them
It was almost too hot for black leather, but bikers gathered in the sun Saturday at Marine Park to garner support for a new biker-safety organization in Juneau.

How it works
michael penn / juneau empire

Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reports

House gives OK to closed-meetings bill
The closed-door meetings of the Legislature got a deadbolt lock Friday night, as the House of Representatives approved a bill allowing lawmakers to continue meeting in secret.

Due to a reporter's error, an article in Wednesday's Empire on Hubbard Glacier misstated the national park it is part of. The glacier is partly in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

Donna Marie Jordan
Juneau resident Donna Marie Jordan, 45, died April 28, 2004, after a long illness.

Learning the lessons of history
History is a great teacher - if the teacher has receptive students. Some of Alaska's problems are because Alaska history isn't required in Alaska schools. The Legislature or the State Board of Education and local school boards can fix that, if so inclined. They should be inclined with the state's fiscal condition, reminiscent of 20 years ago, threatening support of education.

Open meetings bill not very open
I t's no surprise that lawmakers would prefer to stand only on their records, and not on which political means or arguments they used to achieve them.

What they don't tell you about motherhood
When they show the video to prepare you for childbirth - the one that makes you exclaim in horror, "I have to do THAT?" - they don't begin to explain the pain of being a mother.

Upcoming local outdoors events

Hold the birdseed, or face the bears
Mary DeSmet was on the phone when she saw the bear through the kitchen window, headed for the woods.

Web links
Web sites of interest to local outdoors enthusiasts.

Outdoors Digest
Outdoors stories from the region.

From the other side of the world: Arctic terns return
The Arctic tern, Sterna paradisaea, is one of our most celebrated local migratory birds.

Crimson Bear soccer teams still unbeaten
The Juneau-Douglas High School boys and girls soccer teams both had plenty of chances to score goals over the weekend, and the two undefeated squads converted enough of them to claim sweeps over Colony on Friday and Bartlett on Saturday.

Bears blast POW

Juneau boys second, girls third in Kodiak
The Juneau-Douglas High School track and field teams scattered to two locations with varying results this weekend.

Fun day, muddy fun day
Remember playing in the mud as a kid, and the fun way the primordial ooze squished between your toes?

Eigth annual spring King Salmon Derby standings

Greely throws a no-no for Juneau
Juneau-Douglas High School senior Matt Greely threw a no-hitter on Friday to get the Crimson Bears started on the right track in their four-game road trip to Sitka.

Sports in Juneau
Upcoming sports events in Juneau

House OKs abortion consent bill
A bill requiring doctors to tell women about the risks of abortion and alternatives to the procedure passed the state House on Saturday.

Initiative proposal may be headed to ballot box
A proposed amendment to the Alaska Constitution requiring ballot initiative sponsors to collect signatures from a wider range of voters likely will head to the ballot in November.

Sunshine on her shoulders
Sunny day in Ketchikan

Legends of the spring
Fish worshippers from around the world make a pilgrimage here in spring, following a unique run of prized seagoing trout.

Alaska Digest
Staff and wire reports in Alaska

Opposing sides negotiating all-inclusive smoking ban
Opposing sides of Juneau's proposed smoking ban are trying to work out a deal, city and bar officials told the Empire.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the nation, in the world.

Senate kills fund use; special session looms
An attempt to revive a proposal to use Alaska Permanent Fund earnings to pay for state government died in the Senate on Friday.

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