Act like a community while in a crisis

Posted: Friday, May 09, 2008

We are all in this energy crisis together.

It has come to my attention that some local businesses have already increased prices in anticipation of increased energy costs. They are taking advantage of this crisis to maintain or increase profits.

We, the residents of Juneau, don't have anyone helping us to pay our increased energy costs. Why should the businesses (including governments that provide goods and services to Juneau residents) be able to pass those costs on to us? If that happens, the residents get a double hit; we pay our increased household energy costs, and we pay their increased energy costs through increased prices.

The business community gets off scot free, and we pay double. How fair is that?

In addition, if they pass on their increased costs, they have no incentive to conserve. I could maybe understand if this was a permanent situation and we all had to do some adjusting for the long term. In that case, workers would likely get raises to pay for the increased costs of living, and it would not be so hard on us. But this is a temporary situation, and we residents have no way to increase our incomes to help us cover the increased costs.

The buck stops with us. The business community should not burden us further. We are all in this crisis together. We are all part of this community - let's all act like it.

Linda J. Snow

Owner of Southeast Strategies


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