Student Artists in the Spotlight

Posted: Friday, May 09, 2008

The following students are seniors in Craig Mapes' Creative Woods II class at Juneau-Douglas High School.

Daniela Solis

Self reflection: "I like working with wood, and I like art. I'm an exchange student from Costa Rica. In my high school in Costa Rica, just boys can take woods classes. Girls have to sew and cook. I think I'll have the opportunity to do woods when I get back home because my dad likes to do this and has a little shop."

Colin Flynn

Self reflection: "The lamp is made out of yellow cedar and purple heart. I wanted to do a project on the lathe. I made a rectangular box with nine different rectangles glued together, alternating colors, then used the lathe. I decided to make a shade, which was a little harder. I cut strips and glued them around a plywood circle that I cut out. I've never taken art at the high school, but this is more like art than the Woods 1 class, because you can do whatever you want. It's fun in that way. There's not as much structure, completely independent."

Jordan Coronell

Self reflection: "I'm making a gun rack out of walnut. It's gone real smooth, just falling together. I measured it before I started, so it fit the guns I have. I'm a hunter."

Brett Garvey

Self reflection: "My bowl is made out of African Paduke, a red wood and maple. It took a really long time. I saw a picture of it in a magazine and thought it looked cool. I'm working on a poker table. I'm going to try doing the resin thing where you put poker cards and chips in it and pour the resin over it."

Creative woods teacher, Craig Mapes, says: "I would like to think of the class as an 'applied academic' class, where students get to apply the knowledge they have developed in core classes to create a variety of functional artistic wooden items which will last them a lifetime. It is very rewarding for me to see the kids develop from their basic Woods I class (where they develop safe wood working skills and techniques) to the Woods II advanced level where students are truly excited about being here working on their individual projects.

"I give students the skills necessary to work safely with hand and power tools along with wood characteristics and joinery techniques and they create the projects fashioned after examples I provide from a variety of sources. This particular class has quite a few outstanding, creative students. I pretty much stand back and let them do the work they seem to love and give assistance and advice when appropriate or if I am asked."

• Student Artist in the Spotlight is a weekly feature on the Neighbors page and is in collaboration with the Juneau School District Elementary Art Program. To have your student art included, contact your school office.

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