Local girl to be recognized in 'New Moon' magazine

Posted: Friday, May 09, 2008

DULUTH, Minn. - Natalia Spengler, 10, of Juneau, will be recognized for her inner beauty in a May/June 2008 special issue of "New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams."

Courtesy Of Natalia Spengler
Courtesy Of Natalia Spengler

"I have been subscribing to the magazine for about three years, and I really enjoy its uniqueness," Spengler said. "My mom made me write an essay for a homeschooling project, and I ended up sending it to the magazine. It was a little challenging to write about myself."

New Moon's "25 Beautiful Girls" issue celebrates 25 girls, ages 9-13, who know they are beautiful because of who they are and not simply how they look. In a new twist on New Moon's annual "25 Beautiful Girls" theme, the issue this year is called "Toot Your Own Horn." Girls were asked to nominate themselves by writing an essay explaining what makes them beautiful.

"I am a beautiful girl because I do beautiful things," Spengler wrote in her winning letter. "I believe that girls can be creative about their lives and should follow their dreams."

In past years, nominations for beautiful girls came from a friend, classmate or family member. The New Moon Girls Editorial Board selected the 25 diverse and compelling essays that appear in the May/June 2008 issue.

"We got about 35 submissions this year and we usually get between 150 and 200," said Heather Parfitt, acting Managing Editor. "The low amount of submissions really shows how important it is for us to have a 'Toot Your Own Horn' issue. It's easy for girls to write about their friends and family, because they see others do beautiful things every day. But it's far more difficult to see the beauty in ourselves and tell the world about it."

New Moon is an international, advertising-free, bimonthly magazine edited by and for girls ages 8-12. The New Moon Girls Editorial Board - made up of 11 girls - chooses the theme, articles, artwork and cover design for each issue of New Moon. Girls from around the world contribute 80 percent of the magazine's content.

Nominations for the 2009 "25 Beautiful Girls" issue are due by Sept. 15. For more information visit, www.newmoonmagazine.org.

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