Miracles do happen in Juneau

Posted: Sunday, May 09, 2010

Miracles! What do we know about miracles? Webster tells us a miracle "is an extraordinary event manifesting a supernatural work of God; an unusual event, thing, or accomplishment; a wonder; a marvel."

We have heard about the miracles God performed in the Old Testament, such as the parting of the Red Sea. Likewise, we're familiar with the miracles Jesus performed when he was alive, like bringing sight to the blind.

The majority of Americans believe these miracles actually occurred as it was written in the Bible. But how many of us believe in miracles happening today? When we experience or hear about a miracle in today's time, do we want to explain it away as a "coincidence" or find some earthly way to accept it?

From time to time we need to hear these miracle stories that do come true. The world's smallest premature baby weighs in at 11 ounces and lives after only 23 weeks in his mother's womb, a jet plane has to land on the Hudson River and everyone survives, and many people are cured of major diseases. Cancer is cured, bleeding is stopped, and third degree burns vanish overnight. These and many more examples are on record according to a 2003 article in Time Magazine.

Miracle stories of today come in both big and small ways. One year my husband and I drove our motor home from Vancouver, British Columbia to Nova Scotia and continued our journey taking a ferry to Newfoundland. There were so many miracles on this trip; we eventually made a record of all the amazing miracles we experienced. On Thanksgiving Day, our motor home was smoking heavily and we had to stop at a rest area in South Carolina. Within minutes a Good Samaritan, walking out of a mist, came to help us. He had the exact parts and expertise needed to get us back on the road in time to have Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter. As we drove off, we had the sense that if we turned back to the rest area, we wouldn't find him there. He was like an angel we really needed at that time! Physically, in recent years, I have been scheduled to have two unrelated surgeries. Each surgery was diagnosed by two different physicians before setting a date. Just before the surgery, in each case, the malady disappeared and the surgeries were cancelled. Without question, I have personal reasons for believing in miracles!

Recently a friend of mine was trying to decide whether to make a big change in her life or not. She went into one restaurant and read her fortune cookie. It said "You will make a change and you will win!" It was some time later that she was in a completely different restaurant, had another fortune cookie and opened it only to find the very same fortune. She decided to make the change!

I once read that the greatest miracle of all is that Jesus can turn a sin-filled heart into a peace-filled soul. It happens to those who believe and obey every day.

So may I encourage you to leave your mind open. Who knows, you could be fortunate enough to have a miracle occur in your life or to someone close to you.

• Myrna Allen is a member of Chapel by the Lake and "one of God's servants."

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