Oil not the answer to rising gas prices

Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Rising gas prices have fueled many debates over possible solutions. Cutting gas taxes, drilling in Alaska and using American oil reserves have all been discussed ad nauseam, but all fail to address the real issue - long term gas consumption.

In the dawn of the 21st century, the cars we drive are still using 19th century technology. This outdated technology guzzles gas, pushing costs higher as we demand more. Even more disturbing are the other costs - polluted air and diminished health. Right now, 27.1 million children are breathing unhealthy amounts of ozone every year, a key component of auto emissions.

So what's holding up the auto manufacturers? It's not the technology. Both Toyota and Honda are bringing vehicles to the American market that go a long way toward fuel efficiency and emissions reductions. Detroit just hasn't been listening. That's why I joined the folks at http://www.greencar.org and have asked American auto makers to make cleaner cars. I urge everyone to do the same. If we fuel the demand for cleaner cars, Detroit will build the supply.

Benjamin R. MatthewsJuneau

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