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Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Hurray for the state workers. But how do you scrounge up $32 million and whose desk drawer contains that kind of money?

Maybe the city should install handrails on the benches in Marine Park like they did in the airport in Seattle. That will eliminate anyone sleeping on them or kids skateboarding on them.

To all the people complaining about skateboarders, where else are we going to go? My friend and I are building a bench out of cement so we won't ruin the other benches. We have the OK from the harbormaster so everyone should just get over it.

There's a lot worse things that kids can be doing besides skateboarding on benches downtown. At least they are active, not watching TV, playing video games, doing drugs or drinking. They are at a young and rebellious age. Would you rather have the kids destroy a bench or smoking crack?

Wake up people from Douglas and Juneau. There is a small group of people trying to destroy our way of life. As a third generation Juneauite and a 30-year resident of Douglas I am grateful for the sounds of summer. Perhaps these people should move to Oregon where their way of life has already been decimated. Oh wait, they wouldn't be able to find a job there.

The helicopters used to fly over my house in Douglas and I could hear them. With the new voluntary compliance system I don't here them anymore. We don't need an initiative to reduce noise, the noise is already gone.

The Peace and Quiet Coalition rebuttal to the Empire's editorial was well-written and thought-provoking. Shedding light on the inaccuracies of the Empire's editorial will make future editorials suspect. I would like to thank the Peace and Quiet Coalition members for their efforts. It is obvious that the assembly is only interested in time-consuming rhetoric resulting in little or no change in noise levels.

The flightseeing industry could use more regulation but the proposal by the Peace and Quiet Coalition is unrealistic and way too extreme. To take an industry that only operates five months a year at best and limit them to 48 hours a week is what I call divisive. The Empire's editorial was not divisive, it's the proposal of the Peace and Quiet Coalition that is creating this huge division in this community. I hope people will say no when asked to sign these petitions.

I'm a pilot who believes we have way too much air traffic noise in this community. I'm going to sign on the dotted line.

I wish the Peace and Quiet Coalition would move up to Mountainside Estates and get my neighbor's dog to shut up so we can have some peace and quiet.

I'm really tired of people complaining about the helicopter noise. It's only seasonal. What really bothers me are the punks in their boom-boom cars who drive by my house and wake up the baby all year long. There are actually laws on the books about disturbing the peace. Why don't the cops enforce it?

Kudos to the Men's Crisis Center for cleaning up their portion of North Douglas Highway with the Adopt a Highway program. They did wonderful job.

Thanks to the Juneau teachers. We're lucky to have some great teachers in this community.

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