Local archers compete in national meet

Posted: Thursday, May 10, 2001

Ten Juneau Archery Club shooters, including seven students from Floyd Dryden Middle School, competed in the 18th Annual Western Classic 3-D Trail Shoot and Seventh Annual National Field Archery Association Marked 3-D National Championship events both held May 5-6 in Redding, Calif.

The seven students from Dryden were eighth-graders Carl Lundquist and Nathaniel Amdur-Clark and sixth-graders Matt Hemenway, Josh Wehnes, Joey Funk, Micah Amdur-Clark and John Hill. The students spent two months fund-raising for the trip. Also competing in the meets were adults Marv Walter (the Dryden coach), Erik Lundquist and Ken "Fossil" Callahan.

The two archery events draw over 1,400 archers from around the world. Each archer shot two arrows at the 70 3-D targets with 45 targets on Saturday and 25 on Sunday.

The targets were molded foam in the shape of animals, with the smallest target a butterfly and the largest a 12-foot-tall Big Foot. The targets were scattered in the woods, with going uphill, some downhill and others across varied terrain. Archers could receive 11, 10 or eight points for hitting various marks on the targets. For the youth shooters, the targets ranged between three and 50 yards away from the fireing line. Some of the adult targets were 100 yards back.

Hemenway was the top shooter for the Dryden team, as he finished third in the cub (age 11-younger) male barebow division with 888 points. Barebow archers use no sights or trigger attachments, and their recurve bows are the classic design like those seen in Robin Hood movies.

Funk competed in the youth (age 12-14) barebow division (no score was available for him), using what's known as a PSE takedown recurve bow. Walter said shooting over 20 yards with a recurve is difficult even for an experienced archer.

Nathaniel Amdur-Clark and Carl Lundquist both competed in the youth male freestyle division, posting scores of 1,096 and 1,094 respectively. In the freestyle division, archers use compound bows with pulley systems, sights and many archers use trigger devices. Wehnes and Micah Amdur-Clark also competed in the youth male freestyle division, recording scores of 951 and 789 respectively.

Hill competed in the youth male freestyle limited division, posting a score of 683. In the freestyle limited division, archers use compound bows with sights but shoot with their fingers instead of a trigger device.

Callahan posted the highest score among the Juneau archers, scoring 1,367 points to take fourth place in the NFAA senior (age 55-older) male bowhunter limited division. In Callahan's division, archers use compound bows with sights and fingers instead of a trigger.

Walter competed in the senior male bowhunter division (compound, no sights or triggers), posting a score of 1,070. Erik Lundquist competed in the adult (age 19-54) male bowhunter limited freestyle division and posted a score of 995.

The next Juneau Archery Club competition will be the Sixth Annual Alaska Bowhunters Association 3-D Shoot on May 26-27 at the Montana Creek Archery Range. The public is welcome to participate in this event. For more information, call Walter at 789-0942 or 789-4942.

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