Student rights, wrongs

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2002

Good for you, Josh Finley, and bad on you, Gary Bader. This incident has nothing with drugs or religion. It was a case of the school being embarrassed by a student who had the guts to stand up for his rights, even though Bader says students have no rights.

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Yes, Joe did something that was not very smart, and he will be persecuted for it. (Yes I said "persecuted.") This incident is going to cost the school money (and Bader has the gall to beg for more money for his budget?).

I feel Bader and the principal should be fired if not reprimanded, especially if Joe is acquitted. This is an incident in which Joe should have been reprimanded, his parents strongly cautioned, and the matter dropped. Now the only winners here will be the lawyers.

People who feel Joe should be persecuted to the fullest extent of the "school's law" are narrow-minded.

I don't know what drugs the school is afraid of. Remember those kids that shot up that school in Colorado? They were on a Prozac-type of drug prescribed by doctors, given the blessing of our FDA, and OK'd by the school board and the "legal" drug companies.

I'm glad I don't have any kids in JDHS. I would have pulled them out of that "institution" a long time ago.

Steve Smeltzer


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