Pow Wow Club seeks to hold fund-raisers for upcoming events in Kansas and Nevada

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2002

The Juneau Pow Wow Club is looking for events in the month of May and June to raise money for the upcoming pow wow scheduled on July 5-7,2002. The Club does Indian fried bread and Indian Tacos.

This is our only means of fund-raising to help pay for the building cost, food and housing for the drummers and dancers coming to the event.

This year we have drum groups coming from Kansas, Nevada, California for the 3-day event. If the funds needed to put on this event is not met then it will be cancelled. There is a need for housing for 12 drummers. For more information, or if we could do fund-raising at your event call Dianne Fleegal at 790-2964

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