Threat at high school isn't funny

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I am a parent of a teenager who goes to the high school. The news report on the radio, and message from my son this morning, was that graffiti was found on a wall of a girl's restroom on Wednesday, May 4, stating to the effect that "someone was going to shoot up the school on Thursday." This is not a funny joke. This is not something that can just be laughed off, not with something like this happening in other communities in this day and age. Surely the person who did this was not thinking ahead at what havoc and panic they would create for their parents and others, not to mention the police and other officials involved. Being a parent myself, I would certainly not want to turn my child in to the police on this matter, but this is not just some "little prank" that you would ground them for two weeks or take privileges away for a while. I would turn him in. This is serious.

Should it turn out to be your child, take them to the police department; they need to learn that this cannot be done. A good idea, too, would be to take your child to the courthouse and have them sit in on an arraignment to see what happens to someone that goes beyond the law with their actions. It will be an eye opener.

Mary White


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