In defense of Bush

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I am writing in response to the letter of the editor "George W. Bush violates rule of law" (March 17). First of all, do not even compare Bush with ex-President Nixon. George W. Bush is doing a great job in defending democracy and protecting the values of our freedom. He has not violated any rule of law. President George W. Bush is the greatest President in the world. He is for the people and will always be in history as one of the greatest generals, like George Washington. After Bush finishes his well-done job with the security defense of this great nation, we should place his picture in our $100 bills.

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He is really looking out for our troops and is working 24/7 to protect our country from the evil terrorist fellow brothers. We should always keep in mind that he is the leader that we voted for and must respect his decisions one hundred percent. Please refrain from using the words "criminal acts" when referring to the gentlemen, jewel and moral man who is our great president of the United States.

The National security of our country fellowmen is our priority, and we should be proud to have President George W. Bush. If I had the chance to vote for him again, I would vote for President Bush for many terms, but this is impossible. President Bush represents the American way of life, a democracy that he defends for the world and our great God-blessed America that we have a true and honest President George W. Bush - a man in the right side of justice and freedom. He should be awarded the gold medal of honor for every year he has served for this country. My six small children are proud to defend and use as a model of dignity a fighter of freedom that we will remember for centuries to come like our great Moses, who fought for freedom and national security for all the people in this planet.

Alfredo Velazquez


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