Wool over our eyes

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I wonder what Alaska Inter-Tribal Council Board of Directors think they're doing, assuming they represent us Alaska tribes and dragging us into a lawsuit with the United Nations without consulting with the tribes. AITC is doing exactly what the United States did when it bought Alaska from Russia.

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Alaska tribes do not know what AITC is about to do. One day we went home to eat and watch the news, and our mouth fell open with the report that AITC is doing this. How many of us were awake and paying attention to AITC management and plans for this to happen? This is a total surprise. This is like a bad dream or a threat to me. What are they getting us into without tribal consent? I think AITC needs to convey to the tribes exactly what they are doing. AITC is acting like they're sneaking and doing something without asking their parents or elders what they're about to do. AITC pulled the wool over our eyes.

Katherine Ellanak


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