Preach until people understand tolerance
This is in response to the Rev. Tom Matthews of Douglas Island Bible Church, who wrote "Christianity is not hate-filled" on April 19.

Snowmobiles should not be allowed at Eaglecrest Ski Area
Motorized vehicles are incompatible with the intended use of the Eaglecrest Ski Area and should not be allowed or encouraged in any way.

A plan for getting out of Iraq
Leaders such as President George W. Bush, Rep. Don Young and Sen. Ted Stevens proclaim we must stay in Iraq "to fight the terrorists there so we don't have to fight them here in America."

A few suggestions regarding the pipeline
By way of qualification, I have been running a small boat (20- and 24-passenger), high-end, cruise business in Southeast Alaska since 1980.

Garbage report from the roadside
My self-appointed chore for Clean-Up Day was the one-mile stretch of North Douglas Highway before the boat launch. I learned a lot about the buying habits of those who toss or let their garbage blow away.

State should invest in our kids' learning
The school year is nearly over as the Legislature deliberates the funding levels that will affect our children next year.

Cartoonist Trudeau's depiction of Dobson belies ideology
No one expects the funny pages to reflect the same level of journalistic fairness that news pages do, but when a cartoonist gets it as wrong as Garry Trudeau did recently, it's worth taking the time to correct the record.

Ships in port today

Wetherell named Empire circulation director
Roger Wetherell has been named circulation director and manager of mailroom operations for the Juneau Empire.

Photo: Beaver tree
John Schwinghammer, a naturalist for the U.S. Forest Service, examines the work of a beaver on a large cottonwood tree Wednesday near the Mendenhall Visitor Center.

Photo: Exploring Juneau
Cruise ship passengers from the Ryndam disembark at the Alaska Steamship Dock on Tuesday to start their shore excursions in Juneau.

Shopping center slaying: Jury selection to enter its second day
Jury selection began Tuesday in the first-degree murder trial of Jason Coday. Superior Court Judge Michael Thompson called a recess four seats shy of a full jury and ordered screening to continue.

Ships in port today

Photo: A scene out of Twain
Brenda Petaja, left, and Roz Cruise scrub the white picket fence Tuesday in front of the Governor's Mansion.

Police & Fire
State police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Around Town

Around Town

Photo: Taking the pledge
Gov. Sarah Palin speaks to a group of AmeriCorps members after she administered the AmeriCorps pledge Tuesday during a ceremony on the steps of the Capitol.

Photo: The breakup
Icebergs float on Mendenhall Lake on Wednesday, after the lake ice broke up the night before.

Business Digest
Airport snow crew honored for service, Hands on Banking goes to high school, New rewards card structure at Fred Meyer, True North announces new Yakutat Branch & UA business plancontest goes online

Shopping center slaying: Testimony begins in murder trial
Following jury selection Wednesday, the murder trial of Jason Coday got off to a quick and descriptive start in Juneau Superior Court.

Palin assures Alaskans first for pipeline jobs
Gov. Sarah Palin and state Commissioner Emil Notti stopped by the Native Issues Forum Luncheon at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall on Wednesday, assuring their listeners that the proposed Alaska Gasline Inducement Act will bring natural gas pipeline jobs to Alaskans first.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state police reported:

Neighbors Digest
Foraker Group holds workshop today & School Nurse Daycelebrated today

Thomas and Fillible to wed
Betsy Thomas, formerly of Reading, Pa., and Joshua Fillible, formerly of Sheridan, Ore., will marry in a traditional Indian ceremony at 3 p.m. on Sept. 1, 2007, at the Shrine of St. Therese in Juneau.

Neighbors mailbox
Thanks for: 15 years of support for science, Contributing to our spring concert, The big hearts of Juneau, Southeast, Volunteering for the Girl Scouts, Taking part in Wheels Rolling, 33rd annual Alaska Folk Festival thank..., Congratulations to Thomas on retirement

Mawr and Snodgrass to wed
Zeela Jae Bryn Mawr, of Battle Creek, Mich., and Jeffry Scott "Scottie" Snodgrass, of Shawnee, Okla., will be married at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, 2007...

God's truth has higher aspirations
On April 22, my loving mother celebrated her 98th birthday in Birmingham, Ala. Mother can still play much of the piano repertoire she memorized in her earlier years of life. She still plays Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique from memory.

An indelible tie in the first minute of life
My daughter was born precisely one minute before another woman died.


Photo: Fighting for the future
At a recent potluck gathering in Juneau, the staff and board of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council honored Rosa Miller, center, by granting her the Dixie Baade Award and an accompanying gift, a painting of "Spirit Mountain" (Lions Head) by Juneau artist Arnie Weimer.

Pets of the week
Denni, Scooter: Pets with spunk

Photos: Native graduation
All Nations Children dance group performed Saturday at the annual Wooch.een Native graduation celebration in the University of Alaska Southeast Egan Library.

Photo: Girls' garage sale for Gastineau Humane Society
From left, Torina Olsen, Bethany Carlile, Tessa Smith and Valarie Skelton pose with recently adopted pup, Raven, on April 21 in the Gastineau Humane Society Meet and Greet Room.



Jean M. Anderson
Former Juneau resident Jean M. Anderson died May 6, 2007, in Arlington, Wash. She was 87.

Grace P. Canul
Former Juneau resident Grace P. Canul died on April 19, 2007, after a long illness at the Ray Hickey Hospice House in Vancouver, Wash. She was 70.

Ebba Goodwin
Former Juneau resident Ebba Goodwin died Jan. 1, 2007, peacefully at her home in Seattle. She was 97.

Lotus Jean Pasternak
Juneau resident Lotus Jean Pasternak died May 5, 2007, at the Juneau Pioneer Home. She was 94.

Eileen Thelma Milnes
Longtime Juneau resident Eileen Thelma Milnes died April 30 in her home, surrounded by her loving family, after a brief battle with lung cancer. She was 76.

My Turn: A simple solution to kids' health insurance
It's 2007. Some 18,000 Alaska children do not have health insurance. Half of those children are from working families.

Outside editorial: Bush needs to face reality that compromise must be part of his Iraq War strategy
At least they're talking. After congressional Democrats passed a troop withdrawal timetable for Iraq - which was promptly vetoed by President Bush - both sides have settled into talks, in which the president for once seems open to a deal...

My Turn: No easy solutions with guns
Events such as Virginia Tech always raise the question of more limitations on firearm access.

Alaska editorial: Major ethics legislation needed in light of scandal
The worst scandal in Alaska's modern political history keeps spreading, and there is almost surely more to come.

Taking the 'usual' out of state politics
The issue of ethics in government seems to live in a never-ending cycle of reform and new transgressions that require more reform.

Alaska editorial: Anti-VECO sentiment shouldn't translate to passage of gas line bill
Will the Legislature be stampeded into passing Gov. Sarah Palin's gas line incentive bill now that VECO executives have pleaded guilty in the Juneau corruption scandal?

Juneau racks up the medals
The Juneau Tornados Wrestling Club brought back plenty of medals from the Alaska/USA Greco Roman and Freestyle State Championships in Wasilla on May 4-5.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

JDHS opens roadtrip with 4-2 victory
The Juneau-Douglas High School boys soccer team kicked off its four-game series in Anchorage on a positive note Wednesday.

Fishing report: King salmon continue to move through the area, though it might take a while to catch one
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reported Monday that king salmon have moved into local waters and are being caught at the traditional fishing spots.

Eaglecrest Road Race Results

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

State High School track and field Bests

Magnificent Mud Puddle Meet Results

Chris Hayes resigns from human rights panel
The wife of former Fairbanks Mayor Jim Hayes has resigned from the Alaska Human Rights Commission at the urging of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Alaska Digest
Governor to address Native Issues Forum, School in runningfor library makeover, State investigates lead levels of rifle team, & Governor announces regent appointment

Legislators want special session
Last year a bitterly divided Alaska Legislature fought through several regular and special sessions to create a new oil production tax plan and develop a natural gas pipeline.

Companies renew interest in gold
Interior Alaska saw a surge of new mining claims last year with prospects north of Big Delta near the Pogo Gold Mine leading the way.

Special gas line 'working group' quickly disbands
A House and Senate "working group" of legislators who met in private to discuss natural gas pipeline legislation was disbanded amid criticism the same day its existence was announced.

Cruise ship rebate goes back to Senate Judiciary Committee
Prospects look dim for a bill designed to credit cruise ship passengers for local head taxes.

House sticks with ocean ranger program
House lawmakers Tuesday rejected a plan that would have altered the job requirements for ocean rangers on board cruise ships to monitor pollution controls.

Legislative start date still not settled
The Alaska Legislature failed Wednesday to settle on next year's start date but may be able to do so today.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Kohring rejects calls to step down
State Rep. Vic Kohring, R-Wasilla, Tuesday rejected calls for his resignation from Gov. Sarah Palin and some Democratic legislators.

Alaska Digest
Police investigate kids with air guns, 650 moose killed by Alaska drivers, Fairbanks PD arrest suspect in robbery &[; New Chugach Electric leaders reconsider wind power proposal,

Couple photographs bear killing moose
Odd sounds outside their home woke Gary and Terri Lyon early Sunday morning, so Gary got up to check it out. He thought there might be a bear scavenging their garbage.

Right-wing corporate voice snuffed by ADN
The Anchorage Daily News announced Wednesday that it would stop publishing a daily half-page editorial section paid for by the top officer of VECO Corp.

State to share money with cities, boroughs
The Alaska Senate on Wednesday passed a revenue-sharing plan to help the state's cities and boroughs.

Washington container tax nixed for now

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