Cartoonist Trudeau's depiction of Dobson belies ideology

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, May 10, 2007

No one expects the funny pages to reflect the same level of journalistic fairness that news pages do, but when a cartoonist gets it as wrong as Garry Trudeau did recently, it's worth taking the time to correct the record.

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If the "Doonesbury" creator had suggested the three Republican presidential front-runners can't claim the moral high ground, considering the eight marriages among them, he'd have been on solid ground. But trying to portray James Dobson of Focus on the Family as a hypocrite on the issue is playing fast and loose with the facts.

Look online for Dobson's name in reference to the 2008 election, and you'll find he hasn't excused the misbehavior of any of the GOP field. He even pinned Newt Gingrich down on the radio about whether the former speaker of the House had repented of cheating on his wife.

Dislike the guy as much as you want, but it's not Dobson whose blind allegiance to a political ideology is on display here.

Damon Clemans


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