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Posted: Thursday, May 11, 2000

After reading the My Turn on world history, I recognized the lack of social studies in our school's curriculum. Not only at the high school level, but at the middle school and elementary level as well. I know of many students who know naught about the presidents of our country, the history of our nation and our world. We all need to take a very close look at our school district's curriculum or lack thereof.

There isn't any leadership in this school district. If you are Native, another minority or have special needs - parents should be concerned about the quality of education that their children are getting. The white elitists are getting all the programs at the cost of everyone else.

I'm a parent of a student at DZ. I want to thank the principal for standing up for all students. I appreciate the balance that has been created at DZ. My daughter is getting an excellent education that isn't at the cost of other students.

Thank you to whoever planted the hundreds of beautiful bulbs behind the Federal Building. If you haven't seen them, be sure to drive by. They really brighten up your day.

Why do skateboarders get special privileges? When I was a kid, when you destroyed public property it was called vandalism. Now, kids think they have special rights.

Helicopter noise is music compared to those boom boxes. Boom box people really annoy civilized people.

Thank you to the Glacier Valley Rotary and the sponsors that brought Dr. Benjamin Corson to town. He was terrific.

The voluntary compliance agreement reduces helicopter noise by 44 percent this year. Why do the Peace and Quiet folks say that nothing is being done by the government? Why do they insist on trying to force another 40 percent reduction while opposing a noise study?

Even though there were three big cruise ships in town yesterday, my experience at Sandy Beach was wonderful. Not having helicopters and fixed wing aircraft over head was a big difference. It is easier to live with tourism without the noise of flightseeing.

Has anyone stopped the hysterics on both sides of the tourism regulation debate and actually listened this summer? Is the noise level better or worse?

I welcome the tourists and go out of my way to give them the impression that Juneau is as friendly as it is beautiful. But there are limits. If we cross the line from tourist destination to being a tourist trap there is no going back and Juneau will suffer.

I am not against tourism but there most be a balance. Expressing your views can be intimidating because of the derogatory and mean-spirited remarks of some pro-tourism and flightseeing operators. The Peace and Quiet initiative may well speak for the majority especially after Juneau is inundated again this summer with over 600,000 tourists.

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