Old-fashioned ideas

Posted: Friday, May 11, 2001

How do you do it, I asked my good friend T. Pickens Goodolboy, manager of the Antigua-headquartered gift shop, "Made in Juneau," and treasurer of the industry PAC "Tour PAC," "how do you reconcile your moving up here five years ago to get away from the lower 48 rat race to enjoy unspoiled nature and your support now of unregulated tourism growth?

"Our summers are so short, T.P. why can't I go hiking without being buzzed by helicopters or go fishing at my secret spot without charter boats running me over or walk downtown in the summer without feeling like I'm in a combat zone?" I asked.

"Come on, boy, it's time to choose, you're either for us or against us" said T.P. "Cut that liberal environmental wacko talk. Those old-fashioned ideas are out, be quick and get yours while you can before the suckers get tired of the glitzy rubbish we peddle and we can retire rich and live somewhere warm and forget this nothing town."

"But T.P., I said, some people like it here, mostly... They were here before the industry moved in. They want to stay and raise their families here, call this town home."

Not when we're done, they won't, said T.P.

Jeff Barnard


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