Juvenile at best

Posted: Friday, May 11, 2001

My children (19 and 21) were frequently miffed when they couldn't have things their way too! In fact, they still get miffed, when they fail to participate responsibly in a decision-making process, and are unsatisfied with the result. But as young as they are, they do recognize that their failure to act responsibly during the decision-making process is their failure, and behave in a much more adult fashion than the GOP has, with their reactions to the governor's press conference and his calling of a special session.

I don't hang out in the halls of state government, yet I had plenty of fair warning (two months really is enough!) that the governor did not intend to accept a lame duck response to the cruise ship issue, and would exercise his authority as governor to force the issue if it was not resolved by end-of-session.

With all due respect to Sen. Cowdery's wife (and hope for excellent results in her upcoming surgery), I feel that the Republican attempt to use her situation as a playing card in a political issue is juvenile at best.

To Eldon Mulder, Rick Halford, John Cowdery and any other member of the Senate or Legislature who believes that their branch of government, or their political party can "call all the shots," guess again. Your bluff has been called and the public will be served.

I just hope you grow up before you embarrass yourselves and our state any more than you have already.

John Weedman


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