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Posted: Friday, May 11, 2001

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Regarding Atam Gits' comments on the literacy problem in Juneau. Apparently a lot of people are having problems realizing that the signs on the highway saying "speed limit 55" are not saying 55 is the suggested minimum. That's actually the maximum limit.

Jim Plosay

In response to the ad in the Juneau Guide 2001: Not only is it in bad taste, it refers to "professional licensed studio." As of yet there is no occupational license for this profession.

Erin McGinnis

Here we go again. Our great state ferry system will not be able to make the Aurora schedule. The Le Conte will pick up some of the services. Big deal. Let's make a change. Sell the system to private industry for inter-island service and build a road out of Juneau so we can have some sort of ability to schedule things.

Bob Spath

I saw a guy driving an old white pickup today with a bumper sticker that read "My border collie is smarter than your honor roll student." I would like him to know it's obvious his border collie is smarter than he is. I'm proud of the grades my son gets and how hard he works to get those good grades.

Brad Rider

When there is no power at a lighted intersection you need to treat it as a four-way stop. One side at a time. Someone is going to get hurt.

Jennifer Hayes

Many thanks are in order to Reps. Bill Hudson and Beth Kerttula and Sen. Kim Elton for their work on the JDHS renovation funding. Thanks for working together to make this important project happen.

Marc Wheeler

Thanks to Steve Wolf for his heartfelt article about the Pledge of Allegiance. It's important for our children to understand what the pledge is all about. The liberty and justice we enjoy can even include expressing our allegiance to civil disobedience if we believe it is for the good of our country. When I was growing up during the Vietnam era we were exposed daily to the horror and tragedy of the United States at war and were free to express our support or opposition to it thanks to the sacrifices of our forefathers generations ago. Parents, when you're volunteering in classrooms, please set a good example by pledging also. Steve's article serves as a reminder why the pledge is part of our children's day.

Jackie Stewart

Last Sunday dozens of children had a blast running all over town. Their parents got to spend time getting to know one another better and all of us got to appreciate Juneau a little more. We were supposed to be looking for treasure but the real treasure was in plain sight from the beginning. His name is Jeff Brown. Thanks for a great day and everything you do for Juneau, Jeff.

Tony Newman

To all the senators who refused to add sexual orientation to the list of factors for the hate crime bill: You're all guilty of the bill your just passed.

Michael Truax

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