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Geoduck take ends Wednesday
A profitable commercial harvest season for geoduck clams comes to a close on Wednesday.

War supporters are shaming Americans
I want to congratulate my fellow Americans for their continued support for the war in Iraq.

Empire editor wrote misleading headline
A Juneau Empire editor changed the title of my letter of April 29 from "We are freer than that" to "Church-state separation is wrong." Their title totally changed the context of the letter.

Murkowski ignores will of the people
Douglas Corrigan became a legendary aviator, not because of his accomplishments as a pilot but rather because of a "supposed" navigational error.

Some useful advice on high school exit exam
Anchorage Sen. Con Bunde, one of the most knowledgeable legislators on the high school exit exam, has offered some useful advice that I would like to pass on to Juneau parents and students.

Don't dump mine tailings in lake
I recently had the opportunity to visit one of those special places nestled just outside Juneau's road system.

Don't silence minority
This page is a great forum for Juneau citizens to express our views, but I think it's important to know that where politics is concerned, letters to the editor are used as a campaign to get the most people to write against or in favor of a particular issue.

Why did we go to war?
Not to distract us too long from dogs and dog poop, but why did we start a war in Iraq, anyway?

Tax break hypocrisy
Isn't it interesting that Murkowski, our appointed senator, wants to give tax breaks to the cruise industry while they get their "paperwork" in order?

Clean up rifle range
As a frequent user of the Hank Harmon Rifle Range, I am frequently dismayed at the trash that shooters leave behind.

Abortion issue not about right to kill
I am writing In regard to Sam Guthire's letter concerning the humor (or lack of) in Brandon Loomis's "What's so funny about abortion" op-ed piece.

Police & Fire
Repots by Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Due to a reporter's error, an article about the Legislature in Sunday's Empire stated the state Senate rejected a 3 percent income tax.

Ursa Major ensemble prepares for China trip
As a teenage violin player in China, Juneau strings instructor Guo Hua Xia had the chance to travel abroad and play in front of a few international audiences. He decided his Ursa Major String Ensemble, a youth string group he founded and directed, should have a similar opportunity.

Lawyer seeks change of venue for assault trial
A Juneau judge has been asked to move the trial for two people charged in January's robbery and assault of cab driver Eric Drake.

Students quilt for abused children
When sexually and physically abused children go to the Child Advocacy Center in Juneau for medical exams and interviews, they are looking for comfort and something they can control, says program manager Michelle Monts.

Assembly to vote on building school
The Juneau Assembly plans to support a second high school through a formal resolution, although one member says it could unduly influence the upcoming election.

Fire destroys much of exotic bird collection downtown
A fire that broke out at a downtown Juneau residence Sunday morning killed more than a dozen exotic birds and a pet dog from smoke inhalation.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reports

Longtime Eaglecrest Ski Area manager says goodbye
Eaglecrest Ski Area manager Paul Swanson learned at least one thing growing up on a farm in eastern Washington.

Officials scramble to cover ferry service without LeConte
To some Southeast Alaskans, the state ferry LeConte is more than a boat.

Around Town
A listing of local non-profit events.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Sadie J. Ramsey
Sadie Josephine Ramsey, 91, died Nov. 11, 2003, in Juneau at the Pioneers' Home.

Annabelle Simpson Connor
Former Juneau resident Annabelle Simpson Connor, 85, died Dec. 6, 2003, at her home in Mercer Island, Wash.

Empire seeks reader feedback
At most any newspaper these days, one of the most helpful tools available to editors, publishers, department heads and the entire staff, for that matter, is reader feedback and input.

Cruise ship tax delay is just too sweet a deal
Let's count the ways U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is all wet for seeking a one-year tax delay for cruise ship companies:

Is God on our side anymore?
Two things impressed me about the about the men of the USS Kadashan Bay: their patriotism and belief in God. Last fall I attended, for the first time, a Kadashan Bay reunion in Reno, Nev. This gathering included nearly 200 survivors from a World War II aircraft carrier named after Kadashan Bay, located on the northern part of Chichagof Island near Tenakee Springs. For two days I mingled with these remarkable veterans. The youngest is 77 years fresh and the eldest is 99. The USS Sitkoah Bay and USS Kassan Bay were two other such carriers christened after bays in Southeast Alaska. These vessels were called "Jeep Carriers" because they were much smaller than the regular ones; their purpose was to escort the larger carriers and supply them with aircraft missing in combat. I was amazed at the fact that of the thousand men that were on board the ship, there are about 400 left.

Learn from Interior mine dispute
Big problems often warrant big solutions, and that's what happened with the positive outcome of the dispute over the Pogo gold mine's federal wastewater permit.

Spring King Salmon Derby Standings
Here are the standings in the Eighth Annual Spring King Salmon Derby, as reported at 9:41.m. on Sunday, May 9.

Spring King Salmon Derby Standings
Standings in the Eighth Annual Spring King Salmon Derby.

Local Sport Results
Kodiak and Haines Invitationals.

Sports in Juneau
Upcoming sporting events in Juneau.

Sports in Juneau
Sports events in Juneau.

Larson nearly perfect
Ashley Larson was nearly perfect Monday night during the Juneau-Douglas High School softball team's 10-0 romp over Ketchikan, and she said her pitching wasn't even working.

Knutson-Lombardo reclaims state's best 1,600 time to lead Juneau track
Tristan Knutson-Lombardo reclaimed the state's top 1,600-meter time to lead the Juneau-Douglas High School track and field team at the Kodiak Invitational last weekend.

Anchorage goalie helps Team USA strike bronze
Anchorage goalie Ty Conklin, who plays for the Edmonton Oilers, came up big as the United States won the bronze medal at the hockey world championships Sunday, beating Slovakia in a penalty shootout on a clinching goal by Erik Westrum.

Nearing the end
The legislative session ends today.

Runway repair shifts AF aircraft
Travelers moving through Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport this month and next should not be surprised if they see an AWACS, the white, nearly windowless military jet with the big radar disc on its roof.

Not enough for gumbo, too much for ADF&G
Bob Pugh displays a crawfish he found in a drainage ditch last week in Kenai.

Senate hashing out deal to balance '05 budget
Senate Democrats were close to agreement on an end-of-session deal to boost K-12 education funding by $82 million late Monday.

Alaska Digest
State and local briefs.

Senate axes another fix for fiscal gap
It's official. The Alaska Senate has said "no" to everything the Conference of Alaskans recommended to fix the state's cash problems.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation, and the world.

Tides could sink grounded ferry
Passenger Ian Herbert woke up sliding across the state ferry LeConte's solarium, his chair skidding along the deck as the ship's hull screeched across a reef.

Seeing eye-to-eye
Session ends today.

Alaska Digest
staff and Wire reports about the state.

Yupik leaders upset with subsistence restrictions
Village leaders in Southwest Alaska are threatening civil disobedience to protest recent federal and state restrictions on subsistence hunting and fishing.

Denali park to charge for driving lottery
Denali National Park will now charge lottery winners to drive its only road, a drive which had been cost-free for winners of a drawing that opens the park to private vehicles for a few days at the end of the season.

Spring rains, runoff cause floods near Delta Junction
DELTA JUNCTION - Some residents of Delta Junction were cut off and about 50 homes damaged or threatened by flooding waters from rainfall and spring runoff, officials said.

House approves legislation to relocate urban moose
Nuisance moose could get an airlift out of Anchorage under a bill that passed the House on Monday.

This Day in History
In Alaska, In the nation, in the world.

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