Kensington mine hype driven by a few with corporate ties

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The May 3 Juneau Empire ran a front page story along with a color picture of felled trees, marking the start of a $810,000 state-funded road extending to Goldbelt Corp.'s proposed Kensington gold mine dock at Cascade Point and Berners Bay. The article mentions by name one of our current Assembly members as being advisor to Goldbelt and Coeur Alaska and one might easily assume, to CBJ and the state, as well.

This duly elected individual supposedly represents many freethinking Juneauites, many of whom are opposed in the first place to the proposed Berners Bay gold mine. When and if it is actually permitted, there will certainly be major disruption or even ultimate destruction of a world-class natural system and wildlife wonder located in our own backyards. The Assembly member is quoted as saying this speculative roadway cut through the forest is proceeding with "... an excess of caution ..." to protect wildlife, in particular, mountain goats.

What does that mean and just how does one cut a roadway through the forest with an excess of caution? The point I make is all this gold investment hype is driven by just a few well-placed individuals sporting corporate interests and connections.

Alan R. Munro


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