Dominic Holloway strikes out four in complete-game win for the Giants

Marlins' Kyra Uppida strikes out 11 batters in a win

Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dominic Holloway fired a complete-game victory to help the Giants topple the Diamondbacks in junior baseball action.

Holloway fanned four in the win and wriggled out of a no-out, bases-loaded jam in the fifth innings to preserve the win.


Twins tied Angels

The Twins scored four runs in the bottom of the first only to see the Angels respond with six runs of their own in the very next inning.

The Angels' Aaron Cohen delivered a two-run double in the second.

Eric Verrelli allowed only one hit in five innings of relief for the Twins.

Andrew Gregovich hit a two-run triple and scored for the Twins and Slader Marshall scored in the fifth to put the Twins ahead by one.

Dylan Baker came home on a fielder's choice for the Giants to tie the game.

Twins 11, Giants 8

The Twins broke open a 3-3 game in the fifth inning with six runs.

Down seven in the bottom of the seventh, the Giants' valiantly rallied for four runs, thanks to a double by Billy Collier, but fell just short.

Eric Verrelli had three hits and two runs scored for the Twins as Philip Murray added three singles, Vinny Isturis contributed two hits and four stolen bases and Julian Love allowed four runs in five innings to earn the pitching win.

Dominic Holloway singled, doubled and scored twice to lead the Giants. Justin Brink added two hits in the loss.

Twins 10, Diamondbacks 8

The Twins rallied for three runs in the fifth to defeat the Diamondbacks.

Vinny Isturis delivered a two-run, two-out single to put the Twins ahead.

Torey Franzen pitched a strong game, scattering five hits.


Reds 2, A's 1

The Reds' Ty McMichael and the A's Garret Cheeseman engaged in a terrific pitcher's duel before Miles Bedford's RBI single in the bottom of the sixth sealed the win for the Reds.

Bedford put his side up 1-0 in the first, scoring McMichael on an RBI single.

The A's knotted the score in the third as Zach Bicknell drove in Matthew Noreen.

Reds def. Devil Rays

Ty McMichael led the Reds with a two-run home run in the second inning.

Ryan Doogan hit a two-run double and Alex Campbell singled in Alex Dornbrier for the Devil Rays.


Devil Rays def. Royals

Jack Grummett's RBI triple and Kurt Vandor's go-ahead double lifted the Devil Rays past the Royals.

Braves tied Angels

Jackson Lehnart didn't allow a hit over four innings and hit a home run in the tie for the Braves.

Patrick Millay pitched well for the Angels while Darien Stanger hit a two-run double for the Angels.

Braves def. Royals

Julian Minnie pitched four strong innings to lift the Braves past the Royals.

Jacob Calloway delivered the big blow with a bases-loaded triple.

Jackson Lenhart made a great catch and strong throw to first for a double play, preserving the Braves' win.


Cubs def. Athletics

Lii Levale went 3-for-3, Ashley Troupin went 2-for-3 and Shameaka King made an unassisted double play for the Cubs.

For the A's, Nicole Roldan and Cera Jones each doubled.


Marlins def. Orioles

Kyra Uddipa struck out 11 batters in five inning of work to lead the Marlins.

Cardinals def. Mariners

Jennifer Nelson allowed one hit, no earned runs and struck out nine in four innings as the Cardinals upended the Mariners.

Sage Davenport and Kyelisa Graham scored three times each while Nelson added two hits and two runs scored in the win.

Dabney Hunter and Cassidy Davenport each added a base hit for the Cardinals.

Alea Uddipa had two hits, Stephanie Logan scored twice and Megan Hart contributed a single for the Mariners.

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