Auke Lake seems to be doing just fine

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 11, 2007

Pristine means belonging to the earliest period of state, not spoiled, corrupted or polluted.

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When the first house went up, Auke Lake lost that privilege.

It's my understanding the people behind the move to close Auke Lake to personal watercraft once had kids that played on the lake. And now that the kids are all adults and have moved on, these people want to close the lake to other kids and families.

If limitations are ever put into place, then they better include float planes, rowboats, cars driving by the lake, people swimming, ducks quacking, the university and all others that pollute the lake, or lawsuits will be filed for discrimination. Still, with all the above contributing pollution, he lake continues to support wildlife.

Last year it was so wet that the lake had very little use by those that go there. There were fewer than 17 days that the lake had more than one watercraft on it.

If people want to do something for the lake, then put up trash cans and make the parking lot into a park for everybody. That way the hair balls that throw their garbage on the ground will have a place to put it.

I don't believe the local government should have anything to do with my daily schedule by putting limits on lake use.

Doug Cooper


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