We know Kohring; he couldn't have done this

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank you for remembering that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Respecting that, we ask you to consider this:

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We know the character of our friend Rep. Vic Kohring, R-Wasilla. We will stand by him. There is evidently a misunderstanding of what was said, but no wrongdoing. From the news articles we've read so far, some very significant words seem to have been changed, giving entirely different meanings to what may or may not have been said - from the usual office banter often heard in the macho culture of North Slope work to words that imply demanding or definite happenings.

This difference needs to be sorted out. The public is not that stupid and we can see the difference and possible misrepresentation of what has actually happened.

Kohring ran honest races and never took advantage of his position or popularity in his district. He always offered people the help his office could give as an information resource. He pointed us in the right direction to find answers to everything from zoning to child care questions.

Offering to help was a matter of polite conversation in greetings or salutations. The accusations in the newspaper have certainly put a whole different spin on what such a statement may have meant.

He has never spoken, teased, bragged, nor implied being of the character who would sell any favoritism. He didn't even do anything for us, as we were friends, and he couldn't do anything that might look improper.

We have not earned any money from Kohring nor have we been in any campaign capacity. We are his constituents, but, more importantly, his friends. We have known him since the 1990s, meeting him first as a young guy being active in the fledgling Republican Party in the valley. He has been in our home, he treats his parents well, he loves his family and spends supportive time with his nephew. He is a straight forward, honest man that holds thoughtful, conservative values many people don't like.

I'd like to know what got these federal people up here in the first place?

Phil and Linda Chandler


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