Rep. Kohring should resign right now

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, May 11, 2007

It's past time for the Alaska Legislature to get it right. We have now learned to the extent that smarm, malfeasance and corruption may have penetrated Alaska's legislative ranks. Certain elected officials may have benefited themselves at the expense of all other Alaskans. Suspected for years, we now have the smoking gun in the form of guilty pleas by both VECO's Bill Allen and his second-in-command, Bill Smith, along with 100,000 documents.

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Yet, we see Rep. Vic Kohring, R-Wasilla, stubbornly clinging to his legislative seat. Maybe he is blinded by the growing criminal and political storm, but to be blunt, Kohring should resign immediately. Otherwise, he places his personal political ambitions over honor and responsibility to his constituents. This issue must be addressed by both the House and the Senate, and if a housecleaning is needed, it should be done immediately.

I heartily applaud Gov. Sarah Palin's brave efforts, both now and before she took office, to throw a spotlight on corruption. She has the moral fiber and courage to stand up to her own party and cry "Foul!" when it is sorely needed. Indeed, that is one big reason she was elected. Bravo, Palin and thank you.

All honorable Republicans must stand up and do the same. They must demand Kohring resign immediately. If they do not, they place party over their responsibility to Alaska's citizens and come next election, anyone with an "R" following their name may well pay the price. As well they should. I know I will be watching closely.

The same goes for Democrats. When and if any Democrat is indicted, they should also resign immediately. If they do not, their party colleagues must demand they do. We don't need any more "Corrupt Bastards" having their way in our state.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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