Juneau sends message in crisis

Posted: Sunday, May 11, 2008

Alaskans are no strangers to crises.

In our short history we have faced many. But thanks to our resourcefulness and our commitment to community, we have always endured.

This is evident in Juneau now more than ever. An act of God knocked out our capital city's primary power source. The result I'm told is a nearly five-fold increase in electricity costs in your town which already struggles to meet the challenges posed by soaring oil and gas prices.

Yet Juneau responded. In the days that followed, electricity use has been cut by an impressive 30 percent.

Your response sends a powerful message. These energy conservation efforts are not only applauded, they serve as a model for the rest of the state and our nation.

You have been both innovative and practical, and have proven an important part of the solution to energy crises requires developing good habits and conserving every day. Switching to energy efficient light bulbs and using appliances only when necessary represent small steps that together yield meaningful results.

Your Alaska congressional delegation will continue to do all we can to assist Juneau in this crisis. We congratulate you on what you are already doing to help yourselves. In this time of unstable energy supply and prices, I hope that Americans everywhere become aware of and follow your example.

Ted Stevens

U.S. senator, R-Alaska

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