Volunteers clear litter from Anchorage waterways Saturday

Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009

ANCHORAGE - The annual Creek Cleanup in Anchorage may have produced less trash this year, but strange items were still fished out of waterways.

Holly Kent, executive director of the Anchorage Waterways Council, said about 10 tons of trash were collected last year. But after Saturday's Creek Cleanup, Kent says there appears to a ton or two less.

Hundreds of residents took part in this year's effort, which target 17 locations from Eagle River to Girdwood.

"They really get pretty clean after this," Kent said. But "by the end of the summer, they get nasty again."

Mary Hertert, a council board member, was the judge for the best trash awards handed out at the after-cleanup celebration. Winners received trophies of crumpled cans painted gold on a piece of scrap wood. The name of each award was written on duct tape.

Members of Girl Scout Troop 10 of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton have been part of the creek cleanup since they were in kindergarten, five years ago.

"We found pizza!" said Aunica Campbell, 10. "You could still see the cheese on it."

The Scouts cleaned up Campbell Creek near the Peanut Farm.

They made displays of their found junk for the competition, winning Most Colorful - for a bright orange sled filled with toys - and Biggest, for a blowup mattress.

Lorna Beardall won the Well-Traveled award. Amongst the junk she found were a coconut and a faded silk flower lei.

The most difficult award to present was for Strangest Item since there were so many to choose from: a Grinch head, an old-fashioned egg beater, a crutch.

But the award for the oddest item found in a creek went to Gail French, who found a computer printer.

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