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Posted: Sunday, May 12, 2002

Come into the library and pick up some of our new books on tape (and CD) to jumpstart your summer chores or invigorate your commute!

"Hughes: the Private Diaries, Memos and Letters," by Richard Hack, read by Dan Cashman. Hack uses the private writings of Howard Hughes as well as declassified FBI files and autopsy reports to create this portrait of America's first billionaire. Hughes was eccentric, with a passion for aircraft, danger, and political intrigue. He was the ruthless dictator of his own little army of servants and employees, a hypochodriac whose body was so changed by the time he died that he could only be identified by his fingerprints. (unabridged tapes)

"The Lion's Pride," by Edward J. Renehan Jr., read by John McDonough. This fascinating biography of Theodore Roosevelt and his family is based on family memoirs and previously unpublished material. Roosevelt's belief that those with wealth, influence and education were obligated to become leaders was what he and his family lived by. He never imagined what his heroic idealism would cost him. When America entered World War I his sons eagerly enlisted; two were seriously injured and his youngest son was killed. Roosevelt himself died just months after his youngest son was buried. (unabridged CDs)

"Bad Connection," by Michael Ledwidge, read by L.J. Ganser. When Sean, a telephone repairman, listens in on plans of a corporate takeover, he uses the information to make a fortune on the stock exchange, insuring a better life for himself and his chronically ill wife. But later he eavesdrops on another call - this one concerning the coverup of a mass murder - and has to decide between justice and safety. (unabridged tapes)

"The Lost," by Jonathan Aycliffe, read by Christopher Kay. Michael Feraru is bored by life, his job and his beloved, so when he gets the chance to visit Romania - which his grandparents had fled during World War II - he jumps at it. He knows nothing about his grandparents' life in Romania, and soon discovers that what he doesn't know CAN hurt him - and his friends and family. (unabridged tapes)

"Amazonia," by James Rollins, read by Ruben Santiago-Hudson. Nathan Rand is being stalked. He and a troop of U.S. Rangers are deep in the Amazon, looking for clues to the disappearance of Rand's father and to the death of one of the agents who had accompanied him, a man who had entered the jungle with only one arm, but emerged to die with two. The further Rand's party goes, the stronger the sense of being watched gets, and soon they are facing a power they had never imagined could exist. (abridged tapes)

"A Far Distant Place," by Danielle Thomas, read by Liza Ross. This is the story of Natu, a young native woman whose dream has always been to race in the Iditarod. Living with her fianc and working in the oilfields, she is beginning to think it will never happen, but a death in her family forces her to rethink her priorities. She returns home and begins to prepare for the greatest adventure of her life. (unabridged CDs)

"Absoulute Zero," by Chuck Logan, read by J.K. Simmons. A doctor, a lawyer, a writer, an exotic dancer and an upset ostrich all have a hand in this latest mystery featuring Phil Broker, an ex-cop. When he agrees to guide three men on a hunting trip in Minnesota, Broker is just looking for a little time to himself. What he gets is an unexpected blizzard, a seriously injured hunter and suspicions of foul play when the injured hunter slips into a coma at the hospital. Who, if anyone, wants the hunter dead? (abridged tapes)

And, for all you Patrick O'Brian fans out there, we've just added five new unabridged titles: "Treason's Harbor," "The Surgeon's Mate," "The Fortune of War," "The Mauritius Command," and "Desolation Island."

Next week: new fiction!

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